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Mike Kroegette

Anmeldedatum: 23.08.2008
Beiträge: 1858
Wohnort: Bonn
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das hier hab ich bei much music gefunden:)

Hanna, Alberta's finest export stopped by MuchOnDemand with their pals Three Days Grace while they were making a tour stop in Toronto. After charming the audience with their laid-back personalities, we grabbed them in the green room for a coupla questions! Guys, my co-workers and I really want to know - and I'm being serious about this - what the hell WAS on Joey's head?

Ryan: What was in Joey's mouth, that's the question.

MuchMusic: Intriguing. What was in Joey's mouth?

Mike: A champagne chill.

(The boys pause to watch Three Days Grace performing on MOD)

Mike: Ok, so it was a champagne bucket.

MuchMusic: A champagne bucket.

Mike: Yeah, like an ice bucket for champagne.

MuchMusic: In his mouth.

Mike: No, on his head. (Laughter)

Chad: Haha, in his mouth! That would be amazing.

MuchMusic: I guess he'd have to have a pretty big mouth. Anyway, have you guys learned any secrets from the king of arena rock, Jon Bon Jovi?

Dan: You know what, he showed us warming up AND warming down. He warms down with a series of vocal routines. It's the one thing he makes sure he does, and it changes everything. That's why he can play a three hour show all the time.

Ryan: If you tell his secrets, they're not secrets anymore.

Chad: They play about 26 songs a night, and that's a lot. Most of which, anywhere from 30 to 80 thousand people can sing along with every single night. You know, that more than anything else - if you want a good career, you gotta write a lot of good tunes.

MuchMusic: Dan said in an interview that being in a famous rock band, you have to learn to trust your gut. Can you remember a time that you trusted your gut and it went wrong?

Dan: Hmm. We forget those things. (Laughter)

Mike: What about the times it went right?

MuchMusic: That was my next question. So I guess your guts are never wrong!

Dan: I think if you trust your gut, you never really lose.

MuchMusic: Chris Daughtry from American Idol said that he plans to work with Chad. Is that true?

Chad: Yeah, we just hung out the other night. All the American Idol-ers came out to a show in Albany, New York. They were playing the night after us and yeah, Chris is a big fan, which is cool, really flattering. He mentioned that he wanted to hook up and work on stuff together. So we'll have to see, I got a message from him this morning, so we'll just see what happens.

MuchMusic: Did you guys get a lot of messages after Chad accepted the MMVA with beer and a bong?

Chad: Not anybody that knows me!

Dan: Yeah. Nobody would be surprised by that

Chad: And anybody that doesn't know me doesn't have my cell number, so ... (laughs). Anyone else was just like, "oh, there's Chad with a bong again."

MuchMusic: Did you guys initiate Daniel after he joined the band?

Chad: Every time Dan would show up to the studio or leave the studio, We would throw everything at him.

Dan: What was once dinner became a missile weapon.

Chad: Joey and I would go into the fridge and find like, old chicken mcnuggets, broccoli - anything we could find - eggs. And every night, every single night, we'd finish recording and Joey and I would go out on the balcony that looks over the parking lot --

Dan: Isn't that a way to inspire loyalty?

Chad: Yeah, and he'd be walking up to the car - oh, so much fun! Joey and I would be sitting there giggling --

Dan: By the end of it though, I would disappear and phone them up and go, "oh yeah, BYE!" Like, I'd "go to the bathroom" and be GONE. I did the Irish good-bye.

Ryan: I think we left a dead fish in your car or something like that.

Chad: Oh, what did we leave underneath your door handle that one night?

Dan: Uhg - filled my door handle with - what was it?

Chad: I know it wasn't dog sh*t because I wouldn't have picked it up. That was the first thing that was suggested but it was like, who was gonna put it under there?

Ryan: Oh, and some of the eggs got in his car and sat under the seat for the longest time!

MuchMusic: You've gone through your dues.

Chad: Aw, come on.

Dan: I'm getting angry now just thinking about it!!

Chad: Metallica hazed Jason Newsted for like four years, so I think you got off easy.

~Wendy Heisler
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little friend

Anmeldedatum: 17.08.2005
Beiträge: 6229
Wohnort: Hamburg
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Danke, für´s Teilen.
Den Artikel haben wir hier aber schon.


Ich schließe das Thema.

Du kannst über die Suchfunktion nachschauen, ob wir einen Artikel schon hier haben.

Liebe Grüße

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