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 Keyshia Cole Wants To Record With Nickelback- 22. Januar 2011 
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Jan 22 2011 12:35 PM EST
Keyshia Cole Wants To Record With Nickelback
'I love them as a group,' songbird says of dream collaboration.

By Mawuse Ziegbe

If everything were up to Keyshia Cole, she would rock out on her next collaboration.

The R&B songbird recently said in an interview for music-video website Vevo's "Ask: Reply" series that her dream team-up would be with Canadian rock crew Nickelback.

"I think that I would say for my dream collaboration, it would have to be Nickelback," the Calling All Hearts crooner said. Cole also added that if she were to hit the studio with the rockers, she would try to craft a collabo that seamlessly combines their musical sensibilities."I love them as a group. I truly do, and I would love, love, love, absolutely love to do a song that is very heartfelt and alternative and R&B somehow in the same light."

For Cole, who has landed in the booth with stars like Diddy and called her Kanye West-helmed debut, "I Changed My Mind," one of her favorite musical hook-ups, Nickelback is just the latest ideal feature for the California songstress. Cole told MTV News last year that she would also love to join forces with one of Detroit's finest.

"Me and Eminem doing a collaboration?" Cole wondered aloud on the set of the visual for her Nicki Minaj collabo "I Ain't Thru." "I just think he made the hardest comeback for 2010, and I support him all the way, and he's just dope, he's just dope,"

Even if a Shady or Nickelback-assisted track doesn't pan out, Cole already as some "dope" match-ups in her arsenal. The A Different Me singer broke down how her Minaj collabo went down, and lavished props on the Young Money diva.

"It was dope [in the studio]. She's very, very professional. She sat in the corner and wrote her part and then actually she wrote two raps to the song," Cole confided. "She actually did one verse and was like, 'Keyshia, I think I can do so much better.' And I was like, 'Absolutely not — it's dope and leave it the way it is.' And then I saw her again and she was like, 'Please, just let me do my thing,' and I was like, 'absolutely,' 'cause I understand where she comes from."

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