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Nickelback, GM Place-Vancouver, 03. Juni 2010- diverse Reviews

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Nickelback, GM Place-Vancouver, 03. Juni 2010- diverse Reviews

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Fr 04. Jun 2010 07:23

http://www.theprovince.com/Kroeger+drea ... story.html

Kroeger's dream comes true at Nickelback's Vancouver concert

Grade: A-

By Stuart Derdeyn, The Province June 3, 2010 10:04 PM

Nickelback begin their GM Place concert Thursday, June 3, 2010 in Vancouver, B.C.Photograph by: Ian Lindsay, PNG

Around the time Silver Side Up came out, Chad Kroeger told me about his dream stage show. The only thing stopping it from happening was budget constraints.

As the best-selling band of the past decade, Nickelback can afford all the flashpots, flame throwers and flickering lights it wants.

They have them. LOTS of them.

Never a band to be accused of subtlety, the quartet opened its homecoming love affair at GM Place with a big bang.

And then kept the explosions and walls of multi-coloured flames blazing all the way through "Burn It To the Ground."

It was exactly the way Kroeger had described his vision years back.

Befitting massive arena rockers, the stage was bordered by two screens, there was a massive backing screen and then five moving cubes of lights with video screens too. This meant up to seven close-ups of Chad and the boy's face at one time. That had the ladies - and guys - cheering.

Actually, everything had the audience active.

Mention of local weed started up a "B.C. Bud" chant. Beer line-ups were epic.

So were the singalongs. Even at the deafening stage volume, you could hear the choruses to "Photograph" and "Savin' Me." The sound was excellent by the way, proving that unlike Pearl Jam, Nickelback cares enough about its fans to tour with production values. Not to mention a roadie who delivers chilled Jaeger bombs and Brazilla - an H cup brassiere that a fan in South Carolina apparently threw on stage. Doubtful, but a good way to intro "Shakin' Hands" and its accompanying silhouetted naked dancing gal video.

Wonder whose girlfriend it was?

It has always impressed me how many women love the band.

I guess some really like being told that 'ladies look better with something in their mouth.' So not an indie rock crowd last night.

That group, and a great many others, love to trash the 'Back for its sexism, its lyrics and its party hearty image. They aren't the ones who laugh at Chad's jokes about getting drunk 'but not driving.' Forget them.

What matters to Nickelback fans is that somehow a bunch of guys from smalltown Alberta can capture exactly what a lot of people do with their lives and how they feel about it. The truth is, way more relate to "This Afternoon" than anything on In Rainbows. It's working folk's music, with more than a little country influences.

Plus, this band hands out tequila shots to the audience so everybody can toast their hometown.

Bottoms up!

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Review: Vancouver show proves there are two sides to every Nickelback

With Shinedown and Sick Puppies, Thursday night at GM Place

By Graeme McRanor, Special to the Sun June 3, 2010 11:31 PM



Cue the blinding barrage of pyrotechnics and crank this review as loud as you can, because it's going to rock your pleather pants right into next week.

Then again, it might not.

Such is the divisive nature of rock criticism and Nickelback.

Enter said local rockers, loved and loathed alike.

The setting: GM Place on Thursday night, where thousands of fans flocked to watch a group that has, for more than a decade now, been unapologetically producing its boozy brand of party rawk.

Okay, so the band's lyrics are about as inspired as Helvetica font, but that doesn't mean the songs lack merit. Seriously, if it were that easy to write a hit, Latin sensation Gerardo would be gracing the cover of this month's issue of Rolling Stone.

So with that in mind, frontman Chad Kroeger deserves some credit for knowing what fans want.

Admit it: Kroeger's the Confucius of rock. And Nickelback is the fortune cookie.

And the near sell-out crowd was fortunate on this night, because the hometown boys - who seem to have been touring on their Dark Horse album since the Ming Dynasty (okay, a couple of years) - all had a spring in their swagger as they stormed collective eardrums with Burn It to the Ground, which kicked off the show following - what else? - a bevy of explosions! (Also accompanied by no less than ten flame-throwers.)

It didn't take The Chad long to bust out the band's classic (a term used in the loosest possible sense), Photograph, which got the female fans in quite the tizzy. The track was accompanied by a big-screen photo montage of tour photos, a giant Canucks logo and Sidney Crosby celebrating his gold medal-winning at the Olympics.

He had us at the Canucks logo.

Unlike the Canucks, though, Nickelback brings it when it needs to be brought.

Sound? Tight.

Pyrotechnics? Hells, yeah.

The Chad's ability to scream even when he's just talking? Well done, my man.

Stage design? Pretty sweet, actually. In addition to the standard big screen behind and above what was a pretty standard stage setup, a quintet of smaller screens, each framed with its own rigging and lights, moved up and down above the band, pivoted and tracked out towards the crowd.

There were some adult beverages being consumed onstage (last show and all), so, when The Chad downed one of many Jager-bomb, he told everyone not to worry, he wasn't driving.


Hey, say what you want about Nickelback (c'mon, you knew that was coming), but when a band can pack GM Place and similarly sized venues around the globe - and deliver a fun night for it's fans - isn't it doing something right?

Well, isn't it?
© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainme ... z0pricoFxB

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainme ... z0priF15jm

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In Concert

An explosive, booze-soaked Nickelback night


* At GM Place
* In Vancouver on Thursday

It was an irritating way to kick things off. The sold-out audience at Vancouver’s GM Place jumped out of its collective skin to what sounded like amplified gunshots.

But it got our attention. A black curtain dropped to reveal the band that has been deemed both the world’s most despised and most celebrated – Canada’s own Nickelback. They launched into their big, anthemic fist-pumper Burn It to the Ground, punctuated with giant bursts of flame that heated the faces of the first 10 rows.

Front man Chad Kroeger said something about going down memory lane as an introduction to the tepid Photograph, from 2005 album All the Right Reasons. His 15,000 or so fans, mostly twentysomethings, were treated to lots of goofy-face band shots that looked extremely posed.

And then it began: the evening’s alcohol-centric theme. Kroeger evidently can’t get enough of the stuff.

“We're going to do shots between every single song till the end of the show,” he promised.

As befits a rock star, he alluded to the drugs, too. He mentioned his penchant for “the best weed in the world” and for “a fungus that you make into tea and it helps you get lost for eight hours.”

“You wind up with songs that sound like this,” he explained, perhaps not intending it to sound that way. The band then dived into Leader of Men, followed by Savin’ Me, the kind of emotionally charged rock power ballad on which they’ve built their world-dominating career.

For about 15 years, Nickelback has been on a chart-topping tear. Nothing, it seems, can stop them. As a result of their commercial ubiquity, they’ve attracted the wrath of a legion of naysayers – such as the woman who launched a Facebook fan page for a pickle with the express purpose of acquiring more fans than the Nickelback fan page. The pickle won.

An image of former Vancouver Canuck Trevor Linden is projected on a screen as Chad Kroeger of Nickelback performs "Photograph" at GM Place in Vancouver, June 3, 2010.

Jeff Vinnick / The Globe and Mail

An image of former Vancouver Canuck Trevor Linden is projected on a screen as Chad Kroeger of Nickelback performs "Photograph" at GM Place in Vancouver, June 3, 2010.

Kroeger appears unfazed by his band’s uncool standing. And he found a lot of alcohol Thursday night. There was no end to the Jägermeister, the tequila, the Crown Royal and the beer. It’s evidently what you need when it’s the last night of a big tour and you’re back on home soil.

But if this band seems like an easy target, they make no bones about crafting near-genius amalgamations of other artists’ sounds into something that’s critic-proof, universally loved and, at times, weirdly appealing to even the most jaded set of ears. A country rocker such as Rockstar, for example, is a perfect match for Kroeger’s craggy voice and working-class ease with stories of loose women and drunken nights in bars. It’s everything Nickelback is supposed to be: exaggerated, unpretentious, grade-A commercial rock ’n’ roll.

Every song was delivered true to form, and with a lung-shaking wall of guitars. They’d work their way through hard-luck songs such as Too Bad and Gotta Be Somebody, then switch to a few bars of a cover song such as Journey’s Small Town Girl.

They were fan-friendly, spending several songs seated on a catwalk protruding into the audience. They also handed out shooters and spent way too long instructing roadies to shoot T-shirts into the crowd with those ridiculous T-shirt cannons.

“We're taking you to the beach now, Vancouver,” said Kroeger, asking everyone to picture it. “I have a small mountain of ice-cold kegs behind me.”

Of course he does.

They then launched into the hit that put them in the rarefied air of a band that has sold over 30 million records, How You Remind Me from 2001’s Silver Side Up. Who on the planet doesn’t know that song? It still managed to get the crowd of hard-core fans revved up and the mosh pit roiling. After all, they didn’t vote for a pickle.

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/art ... le1592418/[/b]