WBB Member Master Brian Gates visits Europe with Nickelback

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WBB Member Master Brian Gates visits Europe with Nickelback

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NICKELBACK utilized Master Brian Gates' protection and security expertise for the band NICKELBACK European Tour with STAIND, Aaron Lewis, and crews.


Gates served as the band's Security Director, handling advance, venue, meet and greets, VIP parties, awards presentations, and protection of the band members of Nickelback and drummer Daniel Adair's wonderful wife.

Hired as Chief of Security and Bodyguard for the Europe Tour with NickelBack and Stained Brian flew to the UK . Meeting the Crew and Band Members through his advance work , realizing the serious undertaking of such a large tour the plan was laid out and put to work to endure the safety , security of those persons and the success of the Tour was based on safety and security of the venues , fans and The Band Members.

What an adventure this was to be , Travel through Europe by Plane , Tour Bus and Farry , Through the lands and over the seas , Under the waters meeting great people and some of the most dedicated fans in the World !

The memories made to last a lifetime and to definitely take up a few chapters in the book Brian is writing of his Life memories and Adventures .

Nickelback and Gates traveled through Germany, Ireland, and England where the band made appearances and performed concerts for more than 21,000 fans in some of the most spectacular Venues ! Master Brian Gates had the pleasure of providing close personal protection ,escorting Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban backstage at one event to meet Chad between songs! Daniel had Chad, Ryan, and Mike sign a drumhead with a nice message enscribed. Nickelback has a great crew; Chief Jason was awesome preparing the best and finest food for us , and Steven J's Pyro * was Dynamic and really added to the Show ! The cast and Crew were a Total package that enable a successful Tour . What an awsome Family !

With the New Tour beginning in February in The US and heading to Canada , Europe and Australia bringing a great entertaining show closer to You , Dont Miss this Group of hard working , sincere musicians !!

CHECK OUT Nickelback's NEW release of DARK HORSE and the world tour! Don't miss this excellent band whose members are great musicians and entertainers.

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Leben heißt, den Stößen der Welt zu antworten und mehr als einmal am Tag dem untreu zu werden, was man sich vorgenommen hat (Alain)